Christmas Tree


Hand poured and lovingly decorated, made out of parrafin wax. Candle is made in Europe. Priced from 6,49€ to 11,99€ plus p&p.

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This candle comes wrapped in a cellophane with a ribbon on the top. Perfect for gift straight out of the box.

Candles are the ultimate mood-setter, energy creator, and space cleanser.  Most people who first start burning candles don’t really put much thought into the whole burning process; just light and let it burn out, right?  There is actually a bit more nuance to it than that, you can increase the longevity and quality of burn by learning a few tricks from those who hand-make and sell candles.

Our candles are made out of high quality materials, you should be able to melt it for about an hour per inch of its width to start off the melt pool in an even coverage.  This stage is important if you want to avoid losing wax due to an uneven melt, leaving the edges to waste.

For Pillar candles, it is important to maintain this even burning by pushing the edges in with your thumbs for every burn, this ensures that it doesn’t end up lopsided.  The wick should also be kept at even lengths and positions.  This means you should not blow on them to put out the flames.  Instead, just snuff them out with a cup or metal surface.  After you have put out the flames, do a little wick maintenance, too, and trim them all to the same size.

If you feel as though your wick trimming is proving to be ineffective and you still have more smoke than you’d like, take time to clear any debris around the wick or in the melted pool itself.  If you feel like your candle is melting unevenly, just take something flat and use it as a guide while scraping away excess wax.

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Pyramid 5.8cm x 15cm, Pyramid 5.8cm x 25cm, Cylinder 7cm x 15cm, Cylinder 7cm x 10cm, Ball 10cm, Ball 8cm


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