Green Leaf


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Rapeseed plant is widely grown in both the UK and in Europe, you would certainly recognize the bright yellow flowers in fields all around the country. Rapeseed wax comes from the oil that is harvested from the plant, it is completely sustainable, with no issues of intensive farming or GMO presence. This renewable material has been developed to produce high quality candle blends. Hardened from rapeseed oil, these ‘greener’ alternatives offer extended burn times. Their characteristics allow easy color addition for both pigments and dyes.

Our candles are hand poured and hand decorated, carefully packed in special paper. Made from rapeseed wax which is 100% renewable and safe.

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Weight 415 g
Dimensions 8 × 10 cm

Cylinder 5.8cm x 9.5cm, Square 5.4cm x 5.4cm x 11.8cm, Square 5.4cm x 5.4cm x 9cm, Ball 8cm


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